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Posted Monday, April 07, 2008 // 0 comments (+)
Handphone still expired.. T_T Mommy still not yet reload.. still cant transfer money.. haha
so is getting a girl's number sounds desperate? hmm my fren asked for my fren's number oso said so.. i got alot of frenz asking for my numbers too.. not to say perasan but yah its true.
and the main thing is, you got her hp number so..? sms and flirt with her? call her to flirt with her?
no right.. can be like when something important happened, at least you still have her handphone contact.. so don't be so stereotype lar :P hahaha
even i asked for a guy's contact before.. yah.. the history la.. my very first time ask for a guy's number
and guess who is that?


zY laaaa!!! LOL!!!!!!!!!!!!!
i asked for his number oso din flirt with him a.. hahahaha so i'm not desperate ok!! :P

so seriously, asking for a girl's number is nothing BIG!
and hmm how u know my number ah? -.-''
well there are exceptions! if your first pm to a girl is to ask for numbers, then yeah u're a despo..
chat with jessy this afternoon.. i got to know that she was still very sad.. yeah she moved on but there is a scar left in her heart.. well who doesnt have that? i have that too.. not to say that its deeper or what.. but someone really hurt my heart badly when i was young that time...
think back its nothing but a heartbroken memories.. and thanks to Time, it washed away the sadness and bring me back happiness.. but still.. life has never been the same anymore..
the way i think about love has never been the same.. never believed in true love, never believed in the word ''forever'' whoever said that word will make me feel that its extremely fake and its something impossible.. love.. when it comes, you can't avoid it at all.... when it goes, you cant hold it back too... its over and there's no way we going to look backward.. look in front, there's alot of guys for you to choose.. =) when you feel like wanna find someone to talk to, i can talk to you =)

DotA with small kid jz now.. lol.. aduiiiiiiiiiii my hero damn gay one lar. but i use it it became so priceless..keep on letting my enemy pawn.. somemore he go to the well of health there(my base) and kill me WALAOOOOOOOOOOOOO hmphhhhhhhhhhhhhh!!!
sick already oso so geng meh u.. oh shit.. you slept without doing ur assignments!!!
WAKE UP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
lol he cant sleep cuz of the small kid name.. whats wrong with that? not darling or dear oso.. LOL!

Darren told me that its very high chance can get ptptn loan.. isit true? if so then good lo no nid to go mmu!!!!! weeeeeeee!!! hahaha.. i wanna go kl one la.. there got frenz.. got shopping complex.. ahemmmmmm!
its 3 am right now and i'm super hungry........ still...... cannot eat!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!gotto diet.. if not this evening's half an hour jogging will be wasted.. argh.. wanna gain weight super easy.. how come lose weight so hard?!
tmr got basketball tournament.. aih none of my frenz going T_T suan liao..
still remember.. vivienne told me eric very lengzai.. WAHAHAHAHAHAHHAHAHA

Today someone from lyn added me in msn.. dunno whether did he really exist in that forum or not.. i searched for his username and no results at all..

and this is our conversations *briefly*

Me : you indian or chinese?

Him : indian.. hehe.. my ex all chinese.. ur ex?

Me : chinese too...

Him : hehe.. chinese small leh..

Me : small?

Him : hehe.. nvm.. u so young.. sure dunno wan..

Me : -.-

Him : hehe.. small brother

Me : errrrrrr...........

Him : hehe...y

Me : nothing.. lol

Him : u like so good only..

Me : i like so good only?

Him : never do before?

Me : do what?

Him : ml.. make love.. hehe

Me : no.. never...

Swt 99 la.. u tot i dunno wat u wanna ask?! i jz pretend to be cold and duno a thing so you wont continue the stupid conversations.... somemore he's a fat guy too.... no wonder u dont have gf lar... eleh...... dai sei

I know you guys miss my pictures too much so tadaaaaaa!

very blur cuz i used the secondary camera instead of the main camera..
well who cares, still look good! ;P
my pink pajamas.. LOL..

small kid - get well soon! =3 wahahah
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