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Posted Wednesday, April 16, 2008 // 0 comments (+)
Home sweet home! everytime i come back this is the first thing i'll say.. :P
And finally, after so long, i finally reached home and make myself damn comfortable sitting down and relax! just left this blog for 2 days only ma right :P

If you read my blog, you knew i'll have to go for the petronas interview right?
And so we woke up at 4 something, packed and had breakfast and just go so far to perak in the dawn.. *yawn*.. my dad is impressive he's not even yawning.. lol.. i took alot of pillows to the car, so that i can sleep nicely.. but no.. its way too cold.. and its too dark.. the road is so silent.. not much car driving at 4 something.. my dad drove quite fast..
i'm closing my eyes getting ready to sleep but the car just keep on going left right left right..
still, i'm trying my best to sleep.. lol but i cant..T.T

and 3-4 hours later, we finally reached there...
all of us cant' sleep already.. and we listened to the hitz.fm with the gotcha prank.. OMG its super funny.. LOLOL.. rudy pretend to be a slow learner, somehow you can say he sounds like a retard.. and wanna fool the lady..
and after the phone calls, OMG OMG OMG ! they played ''dirty lil secret'' my fav song! brought back all the nice sweet memories! T_T.. and wow its very loud dat time so my mood suddenly gone really good! hahaha..

And yeah we reached there.. GOSH soooooooo big!!! there's alot of buses taking students from a place to another.. cuz its too big, its impossible for you to walk around just by your legs.. that's gonna kill.. we gathered at the admin hall there at first.. saw alot of chosen ones accompanied by their parents too.. they look damn smart.. lol.. and according to them, all who got chosen are really those more than 8 As above.. so no lalazai, no sakai and all that.. lol.. damn smart.. just by the way they speak and dress..you can see a big difference already.. then we walked to the main hall there.. where alot of counsellors are there welcoming all the students and parents..

its super big and nice.. kinda look like KLIA.. lol..

my dad asked if i could join them, but unfortunately they said its too full.. around 500 people came today, and so i cant get a place in..
my mom feels weird, she asked : im sure there are alot of absenties right, so why cant my daughter join today? cuz its gonna be very inconvenient for us to fetch our daughter here for a second time.. and do remember that we're from seremban..
and that counselor said : oh i'm sorry madam.. you all should call us and inform us earlier.. ( my parents called them for like 10-20+ times but noone was answering the phone!).. and we can only know how many absenties by tonight.. somemore all of the students informations are keyed in in the computer.. so my best advise is, your daughter join back her date lah...
my parents were so pissed.. they expect 500+ students who got chosen and all came for the interviews?! and how come only at night can know how many absenties are there? from the past few years experience they also never change the way they handle this things?!?!
all of us damn pissed already.. but nothing much we can do about it...

and so we send my sister to her hostel.. village 2 its called.. and we're lost.. lol.. the whole map is so big and so confusing! argh.. and we walked there.. lol.. so we reached a pond.. and found it nice.. so we just stopped by there and snap some pictures and if someone passed by can ask where village 2 is..

we saw someone passing by riding a motor.. so we guessed she knows about here..
she told us where village 2 is.. and my mom asked .. jauh ka? she said bukan.. dekat je..
then our dad came with the car and fetched us there.. and you know how FARRRRRRRRR its going to be if you walk?!?!?! we all really zha dou.................. lol..luckily our dad drove! paid a visit at the hostel there.. umm inside is very simple.. and a lil bit dirty.. very very smalll.... but who cares its just a night there

after done with her luggage, we went to the main hall.. just now the hall that i mentioned.. damn pretty that one.. went in for some ceramah.. some introduction to UTP..

inside the hall its SUPER nice! lol.. really damn nice.. obviously they are rich lor..
everyone who get inside there, no nid to pay for anything.. they sponsored everything..
so around 10+ people studying there, petronas paid for everything and even gave them pocket money........wtf........ lol........
the vice president of utp gave a speech.. he said among 10k applicants, only 2k people are selected.. so my sister and i are damn lucky :D.. and among those 2k people, only 200 people are selected to go overseas.. got japan, china, india, france, italy. OMG I WANT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

we left UTP without having our lunch. said byebye to my sister and suddenly dad said '' lets go cameron'' we're like O.O? are you serious?! ok lets go XD..
we went all the way to ipoh just to have our lunch.. i heard ipoh is famous for their chicken rice..
so we go there and try.. wow its really damn nice la.. XDXD.. and they have lots of weird drinks..
all mix and match .. alot of strange names.. the waitress can even memorized all the drinks in the list.. XD!!! she said it so fast and so long and in the end my dad just ordered plain water -.-''

went all the way to cameron highland.. woahhhhhhhhhhh the road is making me dizzy.. lol
and for like few hours, we reached! we went to Equatorial and checked out the hotel...
its very classy, very nice.. very europe style.. got gym, got swimming pool.. got table pool.. all sorts of games also got.. damn nice le~~~~

i wore my cousin's baju kurung for the interview.. and to lazy to change so i just walk around like that.. XD

the price is too high d.. so we're not staying there.. haha.. we went to star regency hotel..
there's much more cheaper.. we rent a 2 rooms unit for like 100+ bucks only..

the balcony view

i mms-ed this to seduce my sister :P

LOL feel like smacking his ass.. but i controled

we're just too lazy to move :P so my and my brother lying on the couch watching tv..
OMG! THEY GOT STAR MOVIES! and we watched little manhattan..
damn the show is nice! its a love story between an 11 years old young girl, and a 10 years old young boy.. the girl named rosemary telesco, boy named gabe.. damn its really nice! i don't know what kinda movie is that, but just watch it la.. turned out to be really nice and sweet show :P
its all about just puppy love.. so naive.. so cute!

Memorable quotes for Little manhttan

Leslie: Maybe not everything is supposed to last forever. Certain things are like... like... skywriting. Like, like, like a really beautiful thing that lasts for a couple moments and then... You know?
Gabe: [cries] Mommy!
Leslie: I know, honey. Love sucks.
Gabe: Yeah.

Gabe: Dad, what's the deal with girls? I mean, why are they the way they are?
Adam: You're talking to the wrong man.
Gabe: Well, how come all love has to end?
Adam: Let me tell you something about me and your mom. Once upon a time, we really loved each other, but as time went by, there just got to be all these things, little things, stupid things, that were left unsaid. And all these things that were left unsaid piled up, like the clutter in our storage room. And after awhile, there was so much that was left unsaid, that we barely said anything at all.
Gabe: Well, why didn't you just say them then, dad?
Adam: I don't know, Gabe. I kind of wish I had.

THIS IS SO TRUE! even a 10 years old boy can say things like this.. sigh

Gabe: Suddenly, I knew what I had to do. Love isn't about ridiculous little words. Love is about grand gestures. Love is about airplanes pulling banners over stadiums, proposals on jumbo-trons, giant words in sky writing. Love is about going that extra mile even if it hurts, letting it all hang out there. Love is about finding courage inside of you that you didn't even know was there.

Gabe: Is there anything worse than dress shopping? I would rather have my toenails peeled off one by one with pliers than spend five minutes in the dress store.

i rate that show 7/10 ! MUST WATCH!!!!

after that we bathed and changed and go for a walk!

we went to Smoke house.. there uber cool! damn nice! nice view.. nice house.. nice price too.. lol..
i still remember last time we saw a lady sitting on the couch, dim lights.. high tea.. blond lady.. scribbling something on her book.. she looks like jk rowling! :D

beautifulllllllllll flowerssssssssss

beautifullll peopleeeeeeee........ :P

then we went to the playground and have some exercise.. haha.. breath in fresh air! ^^

we saw these flowers when we reached there.. nice right?

this flower very smelly wan...give smallkid.. hahaha

LOL she's damn tiny

Ok here comes the cute part.. we met a family from other country.. their children damn cute wan la.. i just keep on hearing the mom says : ok this is your last time and we're going for dinner after this ok
but the babies just ignored her and keep on playing the slide.. DAMN CUTE! The way they play, is.. lol weird.. they sit facing behind one.. haha damn cute laaaaaaa

her head gone.. gonna slide~

her cute lil brother is holding her down there.. ahahahahah

after that we still have plenty of time to spend! so daddy drove us all the way up hills to some strawberry farm.. there we bought strawberry ice cream for rm 5.50.. cheap or exp? i dunno.. cuz inside got alot of strawberries~~~~~~!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

DAMN SEDUCING! somemore its nice to eat something cold in such cold and windy weather :P

damn i still cant forget how it tastes like! saw those sticky red jam? its the strawberry jam!!!
DAMN NICE LA WEIIIIIIIIIIIIIII must try! lol if yo know how to find the place la :P

then its time for our dinner! we ate normal chinese dishes.. its super nice too! ^_^

At night we watched The Omen.. the son of devil with his birthmark 666..
that was a quite scary show.. and surprisingly, my parents said they watched before! hmm since when?! we're so outdated liao hahaha. its a horror movie and yet i still cant get my eyes out of the TV! lol.. we watched until half way, suddenly we saw got numbers showing up.. next thing happened was channel changeD!!! WTFFFFFF i looked at my brother ( i thought he has the remote control but wait a minute.. here is not our house.. ) he looked at me with the same thoughts too.. XDXD! so its the reception there who changed the channel to some tamil channel WTFFFFFFFFFFFF!! wanted to call the reception but dunno their number.. swt.. so cannot watch liao T____________T.. i really wanna watch lor.. smsed smallkid but he never reply until 1 something wtf..

since i got nothing to do, i just lied on my bed and charge my phone.. smsed with ernest and my sister.. and then too tired fall asleep with the handphone on my hand.. hahaha.. after i slept for sometime, i woke up and look at the handphone.. oo i saw smallkid's msgs.. he reply so late hmph duwan choi him d.. sleep! hahaha.. that time my eyes.. can hardly open man.. toooooooo tiring..
and yeah.. i have a beautiful sleep :P slept from 10 till 8! damn healthy huh? ^^

MORNING VIEW from the balcony! ^^ but its not very nice ahem

its just opposite the Cactus Valley..

then we went to brinchang. and look at the way the students there study.. its quite far from the town.. and quite deep in..

and look at the way they plant the veges.. damn geng eh..
i mean in any kinda condition also they can survive.. the best thing is, they dont even wanna waste a single space in the groud to grow plants..

its all so green isnt it?! O.O
then we went to see how cabbage grow..

see so big!!!

after that we went to cameron's market.. alot of fresh veges freshly plucked and sold there! and kinda cheap too! i bought the small gifts for exchange for the PBSM enrolment and gathering night also.. haha.. cheap and really small :P.. bought some hp hangers for ourselves, bought one fro my sister too! see i'm good right..there are alot of flowers for sell there too.. and you can decorate your house with those.. its nice and cheap.. we saw this.. look like balls being colored with water color right? haha.. the salesgirl said its jsut fake plastic flowers.. my mom does not believe.. she toook it up, examined it for quite some time.. and say eh kenapa ada water kat bawah tu? she said : ohhh serupa je.. LOL zha dou!!!
and those salesgirls are malay, but can speak chinese and canto well.. impressive.. lol

after finish shopping, its time to check out.. and my last time lying on the cozy bed!!!!

then we check out and going to the tea place.. its a very nice, cozy, windy, relaxing, enjoying place! i like it.. haha..
we stopped by halfway in some tea shop too.. DAMNNNNNNNNN nice la the scenery.. if you guys have the chance to stop by here, pls pay a visit there..

best place for dating + high tea + relaxing!!!!
very very nice.

then we finally reached the high high place.. where they plant the boh tea.. and have a place for people to enjoy their cakes and their tea and the nice weather! it rocks too the place.. :)

We ordered :
1)butter cake - not nice
2) chocolate cake - not nice
3) strawberry pie - nice ^^
4) tea - okok not bad lol
5) tuna sandwich - at first they say no more.. then we all abit disappointed la.. but then they serve 2 men with tuna sandwich.. somemore they dare to walk right infront of us to hand the sandwich to the 2 men's table.. my dad gone WTF?! then he ordered sandwich again.. lol this time got liao lah... hahaha and its SUPER NICE!

AND very cheap ooo! cheaper than secret recipe.. haha.. but how wonderful it'll be if those cakes are from secret recipe?! T_T

After our lunch, we head back to utp.. going there to fetch my sister.. she told me her interview was only 10 minutes, and asked 1-2 questions only. and she's not nervous at all.. and said seriously its nothing one.. lol wtf? all they did these 2 days are bringing the students here and there to visit the whole building.. wanna show off how nice is it.. haha but their library really fucking nice1 its a 5 storreys high library.. very classy and clean...

On my way back, i saw this! LOL OMG moh this is for you! wahahahahaha

i sit on the car for damn long d.. annoyed...my lansi face

my bro's mr bean teddy.. -.-

and oh yeah.. smallkid said he was turned on by the cold weather there.. LOL... i'm not, he is! tsk tsk tsk.. that horny smallkid..

btw, its overall a very nice trip =)
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