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Posted Sunday, April 13, 2008 // 0 comments (+)
I thought our movie for saturday canceled, cuz buffy(not her real name) said her mom is going kl and its not convenient to fetch her there.. so our movie postponed to sunday.. kinda disappointed but its still ok.. just 1 day it wont make much differene.. :D
so when i was playing computer in saturday afternoon, she sms-ed me saying that her mom can fetch her.. and the show is at 645, so is it ok for us to come out? yeah we have nothing better to do so why not? ^^
best part of it was, i drove there! jusco shopping complex is 7-8 km far from my house.. wow first time i drive so far.. ^^ super excited.. not scared at all~ :P while my mom dunno why so worried.. -_-''
anyway, reached there safely.. hahahah.. and i kinda slow mo la when i'm about to break.. dunno why.. T_T..i love to laugh when i'm driving.. and i have no idea why is it so.. hmmm

We actually booked the 6:45 pm 27 dresses movie.. and i drove so slow! so we're 20 minutes late and once you did not get your booked tickets 45 minutes earlier, they're going to cancel the booking .. so overall, the phone bill wasted lah........ but luckily, there is still a beautiful place for 3 of us.. hahaha..

Meet up with buffy and we bought kit kat, caramel popcorn and her hotdog.. lol.. bought lots of food in the cinema... at first we wanted to buy McD french fries in and most probably those food which smell damn good.. just to let others get jealous with us... lol we're evil XD..

This show is COOOOOOOOL!!!!!!!!!

(yeah i know the picture is big, but who cares.. =P)

Starring katherine marie heigl and the prince edward from the movie enchanted..
damn why is this guy love to shoot in those romantic + fairy tales + girlish movies?!
and now he's our prince charming already.. haha

I don't know whether katherine is fat or not.. i think she's slim.. but certain angles she's a lil bit chubby.. but yeah she's still hot!

Plot outline : After serving as a bridesmaid 27 times, a young woman wrestles with the idea of standing by her sister's side as her sibling marries the man she's secretly in love with.

STRONGLY RECOMMENDED TO WATCH! romantic + funny + sweeet + touching

She is.. pretty.... right?

This is where the romantic part starts~ *sniff*

after the show, its almost 9.. and our stomach are growling.. not yet had our dinner of course.. just some popcorns and chocolates..
so we went and had our dinner.. still remember the sucky cheese oyster.. omg i almost puke

then my sister wanna go MPH to buy her favourite harry potter latest series.. lol.. its been long...
she's waiting for the price to drop.. and how come its so much cheaper than in popular wan?
she bought if for 70 bucks.. better than popular 100!!!!

then we saw lots of cute stuffs there too.. lol.. and buffy forgot to wish ah fu!!! how dare she..
she looks funny when she widened her eyes and her jaw dropped.. haha

I suggest to buy this cute lil teddy for ah fu..

but its kinda expensive.. so.. lol

I LOVE THIS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

i like it cuz it has many drawers, and still, the best part is you can hang your necklace on the right hand side door alike space there.. damn its super beautiful and girlish! the bonus point is i wont have all my necklaces tangled up with this.. awwwwww somemore there's a mirror inside it!! DAMN!!! <3<3

This one ..

i still prefer the first one!!!!

i........want........................................... but it costs about 60 bucks each... then aihhhhhh

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